1956 R185 International and the 1953 Ford F900

1956 R185 International

My dad used to have an R Model International.  As a boy I had a lot of good and bad memories that always seemed to surround this truck.

 I began the project in 2003 by purchasing the truck for $1200 at a farm auction, it had a fertilizer box on it and I had the flat bed body custom built.  I added a 557 rear end with a 2 speed and the engine is a 406 Red Diamond.  After the engine and mechanical restoration was complete, I had it painted red and added the Pine Island logo.

 The project took approximately 1 year to complete.  The finished product was my first restoration project on a vehicle that didn’t involve a truck for the farm.  This truck sparked my interest in attending my first truck show.

 1953 Ford F900

My restoration desire was far from over.  I always wanted to find a Ford F900 1953 just like my fathers other truck.  The Ford was the first truck I can remember my father having.  He bought it brand new when I was 7 years old.  I can still remember the new smell of the interior and the smell of the paint.  I loved riding with my father in that new truck.  Dad was so proud driving it.  He gave me a cushion to sit on so I could stick my elbow out the window.  This truck had the fondest of memories for me as a child and special times with my father.

Therefore, I strongly desired locating a truck like my fathers for my next restoration project.  I bought a 1953 F900 tractor in need of a lot of restoration work.  In addition I soon found a 1954 F750 Ford that had been a former restored fire truck.  I decided to take the suspension, front and rear axles out of the F900 and put it into the frame of the F750.  I added a 4.33 rear end and a few current luxuries like a chrome bumper, details and stacks.  I also added the Pine Island Farm logo.  By combining the two trucks I was able to replicate a 1953 Ford truck that is like my fathers.

The last phase of this project was to install an 8.2 Detroit Diesel 225 hp turbo engine which was completed this winter.  For added luxuries for the long trips across the country, a CD player, air ride seats, shock absorbers and power steering was also installed.

Visit Chico and his Ford F900 at The ATHS National Convention May 31st- June 2nd, 2012.   At the Big E Fairgrounds in Springfield MA.












One thought on “Restoration

  1. Cathy and Chico, Hope the rest of your trip to California was succesful! It was good to meet you guys after hearing about you for so many years. We are doing well and having a mostly good summer but kind of wet for a desert. I finally got your website saved under favorites in my computer so you’ll be easy to find.Hope you are all doing well. John, Maria & Jeff Nye

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