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  1. Really nice Chico!! I always love looking at the pictures you have of the trucks. Im sure you will have a lot more memories and pictures to add to your sight through the years to come.
    Dr. Mike

  2. What a terrific website!! You’ve done an amazing job. I love the old photo’s and the stories to match. Please keep adding to this site and I look forward to sharing this with friends and family.

    The truck collection is beautiful. I can only imagine the hundreds of hours (and dollars) that goes into these projects. Well worth every penny!

    The plaque in memory of Dad is priceless. He would be beaming with joy to see these trucks and your passion for what his joy and lively hood.

    Thank you for sharing your collection with us and I hope to see you and the trucks at one of the historical society shows if not much sooner!

    With love from your (favorite) sister,


  3. Deb,

    Thanks for sharing your families memories and truck collection with Tom and I. What a “hobby”! Tom thought the photos were great and I hope he doesn’t get any ideas about a collection of some kind of his own.

    Thanks again for including us in the family fun of your brothers’ labor of love.

    Deb and Tom Rogowski

  4. Chico and Laurie,

    Wow! Wonderful website! Obviously a labor of love, both in the restoration of the trucks and the gathering of photos and descriptions of the trucking aspects of farm operation. I found it all fascinating.

    Congratulations on all you have done to preserve precious family history.

    Warm regards,


  5. Laurie, you did a beautiful and inspiring job. Chico I am so proud of you my chest aches. I am so glad you had the relationship with him and are sharing it with us. Your the best!

  6. Chico and Laurie, what a fantastic job you did with this website. Chico I never knew how much work and love went into your truck collection.I know now, and I am so happy that you shared this with all of us.I enjoyed looking at the photos and reading the stories that went with them.I love you brother.and I will be coming to this website often to see what you have added ..and to look again at what you have put together already….(Your other Favorite Sister) Tootsie

  7. I would love to see more photos with stories…you must have a million of them! I actually teared up over the cushion in the seat of the truck for your elbow to hang out. It shows how much pride your father had in you. The picture of the farm property is beautiful. You don’t see that around Cincinnati. I can’t believe our Deb Caley grew up on a farm! WE JUST LOVE HER! Do you have any photos of her on the farm? Look forward to more….. Excellent start to your family and farm history. What about a photo tour of the farm?

  8. Deb,

    Thanks for sharing the web site. I particularly like the stories and photos of the Ford truck!! We still build them extra tough to make sure they run even after a bad day on the farm. I will pass the site along to a Ford friend of mine who has a big farm and grows a lot of hay just outside Dayton Ohio.


  9. Mark – I knew the first thing you would notice is the FORD TRUCKS!

    Chico — Mark works for FORD here in Cincinnati and has for a number of years. I am sure your website address will be forwarded to many Ford employees who will love to see the restored trucks.

  10. Chico & Family, Great web site !! Very heart felt history of your life and the life of your father. You show great respect and love for him. You brought tears to my eyes. I always knew you were soft hearted on the inside and gruff on the outside. Great Job. Don’t forget the air horn when you go by the house….

  11. Thank you to all of you who have viewed this web page and left comments. It warms my heart to know that this is special to so many others. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for me and dad to enjoy some time together. I too have learned so much about grandpa and my father and the significance of this project to all. Dad and I seem to talk almost daily in regards to this. He is as excited as am I to see who’s viewed it and left messages. Please know that dad has read each and every comment left here and it means so much to him. (He just can’t type yet – he really needs to get with Mavis Beacon teaches typing-haha).

    Dad, I’m so glad we got to share this experience together. I look forward to many more years together and hopefully a ride or two in the old truck. I’m never too old for that!

    I love you,

  12. Laurie and Chico,

    WOW, what a great job on this! I had no idea you have been working on it–what kind of a friend am I? I love all the photos–old and new, it really is amazing how far we’ve come. I am sure Chico has a lot of stories of how things have changed and progressed on the farm since he’s run it. That would be a nice story line–I’m sure the milking has really changed with the machines.

    Now I know when I see Chico driving in the beautiful red truck the significance. I’m so glad I got the history behind it now.

    Hope you continue to add to this, I will visit it to see the additions. Thanks for letting me know about it. Great job. Jean

  13. Laurie, Chico and Louis Jr.,
    Chico, I was not aware of your restoration projects, and the fact that you travel to truck shows showing off the high caliber and beautiful work. Laurie you did a magnificent job on putting the web site together. You both are to be proud of your accomplishments.
    Louie Jr., hope you’re involved, seems like you can learn a lot from “the old man”.
    Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed viewing the site and reading the comment ( :

  14. Hi cous….

    Very cool website, you did a great job. Need to come visit soon.

    Love Ya, Mark & Rhoda

  15. Hey Chico and Laurie… GREAT job on the site. I love the old and new pictures. Its good to see the farm and read the history, it brings back some good memories!!!

  16. Wow what an amazing job Laurie & Chico. I loved seeing the photos. I remember falling off those hay trucks a time or two playing(all us kids). We never forget the farm. Will be looking forward to seeing more. Love Janine

  17. Chico & Laurie,This is a great site,The memories we all have at the farm is something we keep with us everyday.I enjoyed everything about your site and look forward to returning often.The Aragi family is a great family to be a part of.Love to all!!! Hope to see everyone soon, Love Karen

  18. Hi brother, You and Laurie did a fantastic job on the site. We are all very proud to have you as a big brother. Your accomplishments can only come from hard work and dedication.
    Again,Great Site. Love ya Peter

  19. Congratulations on putting together such an interesting and well done site! Great photos, heartwarming story, amazing trucks, and fabulous neighbors!

  20. Terrific site What a great way to take a walk
    down memory lane with your father. He would be very proud to see what an impression he
    left with you regarding his trucks and all the trips
    you took together when you were young. Laurie
    did a nice job helping you put this site up . I’m
    sure there will be more to come.

  21. Hi Chico-
    We enjoyed looking at your site, reading about your farm, trucks and family. The memories of your Dad are so nice. We would love to bring our daughter to the farm in the summer to see your cows!
    Kevin and Tricia Wilkinson

    “hope Louie got a big deer this year”- Kev

  22. Your farm is beautifull. Yours trucks are sensas. My purpose in 2010 … To go at your home with my brother-in-law (ex farmer)

  23. Hey Chico very nice website. Enjoyed the farm history and all the pictures. All you need is a claas chopper to fill your trucks and you will be complete.
    Joe and Cory

  24. Very impressive chico
    I will certainly show MacDonalds drivers how bales can be halled with the picture of your fathers truck with a load of bales.

  25. To: Chico, Louie, Laurie, Matt and All Other Members of The Aragi Family:
    Tremendous website, enjoyed it very much.
    My early career path as a Dairy Inspector for the MA Department of Agriculture brought me to your farm in 1963. I remember your Dad very well, and in addition to hay I believe that he also hauled the smaller bulk tanks to Canada. Through the years it was always a pleasure to come to your farm. Everything was in great shape, the cooperation was above board, the farm always scored very high on all inspections made and there was always something new to see.
    The fondness you hold for your Dad exudes from the truck restorations. That is just super.
    On my visit to your farm, (2-4-10) I was empressed with the trememdous progress you have made through the years and I’m still empressed with the high level of quality that the farm shows throughout all aspects and especially with all the dairy animals. The cleanlinness and care of the animals is top shelf.
    All my best wishes are sent your way for continued success at Pine Island Farm

  26. Chico, What a GREAT website! I had no idea your passion for trucks was this big. I love the photos and stories. Keep doing what you love. All the best, Jess

  27. Chico,
    It was an honor to meet you and Louis today. I’ve heard your name for years and heard so many wonderful things about the environmentally progressive Pine Island Farm. Your trucks are beautiful and I can see why they are so prized. My gratitude to you for continuing the tradition that makes Sheffield a fabulous farming community.
    Jean Chapin

  28. Hey cousin Great website, Hope to see you when you come to CA. Maybe I will come and visit with you, Take care and I will talk to you soon. Bobby

  29. Chico & Kathy,

    Great website! What a terrific way to preserve your family history. Hopefully you have some new memories & pictures to add from your trip to California. Carol and I really enjoyed spending some time with you and had a blast at the truck show in Pleasanton.

    Travel safely on your way home and try to keep it under 90.


  30. This website was fascinating enough for me to sit here in my Log home on a ^&$#@%# Dial Up and let all the images load. Wonderful design and content. I didn’t know that your 1953 was so linked to your pops Chico. Loved this part I came across ” He gave me a cushion to sit on so I could stick my elbow out the window.” I too miss my dad like sunshine. Such things as these trucks become a way to touch something out of reach.


  31. hey chico i really like your website. it looks GREATT!!! keep up the good work there chico. love ra ra ra ra robert

  32. What amazing trucks and a great site. Love the IH R-185. Somone sent me a post about it linking to this great site. I am so excited to see another like mine except mine is a 5 yard dump. Thank you for the site.

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