51Welcome to the Chicos-Trucks website and Pine Island Farm Trucks.

My name is Chico Aragi and Farming is my lively hood but trucks have become my passion.  I guess my truck fascination started when I was a young boy.  My father was a hay hauler and he would travel from Connecticut to Canada with enormous loads of hay.  My memories of my father’s trucks stuck with me through the years.  I lost my father back when I was only 27 years of age.  I was just a young man with a family.  I had started Pine Island Farm as a partner with my father when I was 16 years old.  The farm was mine after his death and I made farming my life.

As the years have passed on, my memories of my father and how important his trucks were to him flourished a new found passion in me.  I also enjoyed having trucks for the farm, and we had lots of them over the years.  But finding the two trucks my dad had when I was a boy was what I desired to find.  It took me many years to find the right truck bodies that were worthy of restoration.   After much research and time, I finally found them.  It was a lengthy and costly restoration project, but one I embraced.  I found the truck of my dreams (although it didn’t look like it at the time).

I now proudly drive around town, to events and take part in truck shows across the country whenever possible.   The loving memory of my father lives on through my trucks.

memory plate-gray scale small

A plaque I have mounted on my restored 1953 F900 Ford truck that is just like my fathers.